Voorhees Fellows Rutgers University During the 2012 Fall Semester, five Ralph W. Voorhees Public Service Fellows, Nolan Patel, Tyler Seville, Jeanifer Uwaechie, Sarah Yeung, and Cynthia Willems worked with the graduate Community Development Studio and Elijah’s Promise, the New Brunswick Community Food Alliance, New Jersey Farm to School, Ag in the City, NOFA-NJ, and New Jersey Community Capital to better understand farming in Central New Jersey and food aggregation and distribution processes. The objective was to increase food-related community development, improve food security in New Brunswick and in New Jersey, and to better understand the challenges farmers face in general and in reaching urban populations. Elijah’s Promise asked the team to 1) better understand and map the farming landscape in New Jersey, especially in Central New Jersey, 2) describe what and where farmers grow and how they get their food to market and what challenges they face in doing so, and to 3) think about whether a food hub could improve conditions for farmers and consumers. Students explored the potential to build relationships with local New Jersey farmers to increase farm stability, grow light processing jobs, and improve community food security.