Voorhees Public Service Fellows Rutgers University Civic EngagementDuring the 2014 Fall Semester, five undergraduate Ralph W. Voorhees Public Service Fellows, Francine Glaser, Ruthie Goldstein, Ashley Mena, Kellie Palomba, and Saad Shamshair, conducted a literature review, searched online to find community food efforts in the city or efforts that affect community food security in the city but are located elsewhere, and conducted 34 interviews with community based organizations, universities and medical centers, community leaders and academics. The report (1) explains how organizations promote food security including access, education, advocacy, community economic development and food waste; (2) describes each local organization and its programs including the population served, the type of organization, address, contact information, website, as well as keywords highlighting issues the organization or program addresses; (3) discusses some of the barriers these organizations currently face and provides suggestions for improvement; and (4) presents an overview of the efforts to address community food security through improving food access, education, advocacy, community economic development, and research.

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