Voorhees Public Service Fellows Rutgers UniversityAna Bonilla Martinez, Daniela Ortega, Reshma Parikh, Katarina Piasevoli, and Abigail Thompson studied New Brunswick’s emergency food system during the Fall of 2015. The study of New Brunswick’s food pantries is the product of a partnership between the Feeding New Brunswick Network, a coalition of emergency food providers in New Brunswick, and the Ralph W. Voorhees Public Service Fellows, a group of undergraduate students at Rutgers University. Graduate students in an Advanced Qualitative Methods course provided support. The Feeding New Brunswick Network asked the students to study the city’s emergency food system. During the Fall 2015 semester, students conducted a literature review on emergency food systems, explored cutting edge food pantries in the US online, interviewed and or volunteered with nearly all of the food pantries in New Brunswick and visited two regional food banks. This project is a component of the New Brunswick Community Food Assessment which is multi-year long project conducted through a partnership of the New Brunswick community, Johnson & Johnson, and Rutgers University.

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