Case Study Mini-Workshop

January 2022 (virtual)

The half-day case study mini-workshop provides training in case study design. It seeks to ensure that the group of case study authors conceptualizes the organization, format, and depth of case study content similarly and engages the group in working together to create a rich set of case studies that they will present at the case study conference in September 2022. It also provides case study training for early career scholars. Participants will include case study authors who are participating in the upcoming case study conference and interested early career scholars participating in the seminar series. The event will launch with a talk by Karen O’Neill, an associate professor of Human Ecology at Rutgers University, a specialist in case study research. Professor Mi Shih will present her case study about the Treasure Hill squatter settlement in Taiwan as an illustrative case study example.  The pre-conference case study mini-workshop will take place in mid-January 2022 using a virtual format.