Gentrification and Rezoning: Williamsburg-Greenpoint

The 2007 Rutgers Bloustein Spring Community Development Studio partnered with the New York Community Council, a coalition of advocacy organizations, that is concerned about the rapid pace of gentrification and development. The coalition asked the studio to develop a report about development subsidies, affordable housing, commercial and industrial change, and residential displacement in Williamsburg-Greenpoint. The studio 1) examined housing development subsidy programs 2) explored how much select developments receive in subsidies and how much affordable housing is produced and for what income groups 3) compared the affordable housing developed with the average income of the community in which it is built 4) explored the extent to which local residents are displaced from these neighborhoods, and 5) examined change to commercial and industrial areas.

Subject Areas

Housing Security | News
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New York City | rezoning | studio | Williamsburg | zoning