Negotiating Social Futures 2022

September 22nd and 23rd, 2022
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Thursday September 22, 2022

Time (EST)ActivityPresenter
9:00-9:15amWelcomeStuart Shapiro, Dean, Rutgers University, USA
9:15-9:30amOpening RemarksMi Shih and Kathe Newman, Rutgers University, USA
9:30-9:50amSubsidizing Sunset: Transforming Urban Planning in Post-Handover Hong KongBen Gerlofs, The University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong 
9:50-10:10amCivic mobilization and public land in West Philadelphia’s Mantua neighborhood 2013-2022 Laura Wolf-Powers, Hunter College, USA 
10:10-10:30amTreasure Hill as a Value Practice: Housing Alternatives, Squatter Landscape, and the Politics of Land Mi Shih, Rutgers University, USA 
Fang-Cheng Lin, Trans-Pacific Community Design architects, Taiwan 
Min-Jay Kang, National Taiwan University, Taiwan 
John K.C. Liu, National Taiwan University, Taiwan
10:30-10:50amLand value creation, capture, and transformation: housing decommodification and cohousing in VancouverLeslie Shieh, Tomo Spaces, Canada 
10:50-11:20amQ&A Plus Discussion
12:30-12:50pmIntensification and Land Value Capture in Toronto: Community benefits and the production of urban spaceAndré Sorensen, University of Toronto, Canada
12:50-1:10pmVertical development as false-choice neoliberalism: the case of Santiago, Chile, 2010-2019Universidad San Sebastián, Patagonia Campus, Chile
1:10-1:30pmBack to Basics?:  Setting up the Basic Floor Area Ration for Value Capture in two Brazilian citiesEnrique R. Silva and Luis Quintanilla, Lincoln Institute of Land Policy, USA 
1:30-1:50pmLiquid assets: Riverfront Development and the Case of Lincoln Yards Rachel Weber and Sevin Yildiz, University of Illinois at Chicago, USA 
1:50-2:20pmQ&A + Discussion
2:20-2:50pmCoffee Break
Reading Henry George in Informal and Insurgent Bengaluru: Bringing Racialized Labor back into Land Rent Debates
Sai Balakrishnan, University of California, Berkeley, USA 

Friday September 23, 2022

Time (EST)ActivityPresenter
9:15-9:30amWelcomeMi Shih and Kathe Newman, Rutgers University, USA 
9:30-9:50amLand Readjustment and Value Captures in Taiwan: A Contested Ground between Planning Ideology and Real Estate PracticesLap-I Kuok and Hsiutzu Betty Chang, National Cheng Kung University, Taiwan 
9:50-10:10amFulfillment Prophecy: The Politics of Amazon's Expansion in Greater ChicagolandLauren Nolan, Rutgers University, USA
10:10-10:30amRemaking Community: Creating and Recreating Newark’s Central WardKathe Newman and Elana Simon, Rutgers University, USA 
10:30-11:00amQ&A + Discussion
11:00-11:20pm Break
11:20-12:20pm Group Discussion + Book Project