New Jersey State of Affordable Rental Housing

affordable rental housing New Jersey Rutgers

Local Landscapes of Assisted Housing: Reconciling Layered and Imprecise Administrative Data for Research Purposes

This article examines the difficulty enumerating the number of federally subsidized housing units and provides a method of reconciling data sets at the parcel level to identify housing needs and rental stock. 

Lauren Nolan Eric Seymour Will Payne Voorhees Center Rutgers

When a City Isn’t a City: Aggregating Data from the Picture of Subsidized Households to the Municipal Scale for Research Purposes

In this article, the authors developed a primarily automated process to take the “city”-level dataset from the Picture of Subsidized Households (PSH), which corresponds to the U.S. Census Bureau’s Populated Place Areas, and reassemble it at the scale of a state’s municipalities.