A Health Center in West Side Park?

The Rutgers Bloustein Spring 2001 Community Development Studio partnered with Corinthian Housing Development Corporation and Tri-City Peoples Corporation to explore the potential to create a community health center. The studio marked the continuation of a five-year effort of the Rutgers Center for Urban Policy Research and the Rutgers Community Outreach Partnership Center in Newark’s West Side Park neighborhood. The studio’s main task was to explore how other actors provide community healthcare. The studio studied five models: Federally Qualified Health Care centers (centers that are designated by the federal government and receive federal funding to provide healthcare), Nurse Practitioner-run practices, hospital-based health centers (centers that are established by hospitals and are run on-site or off), volunteer doctor-run practices, and stand-alone centers—those run by the CBOs themselves. The team studied the costs and benefits of each model and produced a report.

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