Nancy Wolff

Nancy Wolff, Ph.D.

Distinguished Professor

Nancy Wolff, Ph.D., an economist and distinguished professor, is the director of the Bloustein Center for Survey Research and former director of the Center for Behavioral Health Services & Criminal Justice Research (NIMH funded from 2002-2014). Since joining the Rutgers faculty in 1992, she has increasingly focused on public policies and justice practices that influence the incarceration and rehabilitation of justice-involved people.  Her research explores the need for behavioral health services among justice-involved individuals, treatment interventions that are responsive to those needs, and the role of environmental conditions and training to improve the effectiveness of treatment interventions provided in correctional settings. Most recently, her work has addressed the prevalence of trauma among incarcerated men and women and its effective treatment. For over a decade. Dr. Wolff spent two days a week at prisons in Pennsylvania and New Jersey teaching, leading reading and mindfulness groups, working with residents to build coping skills and healing programs, and supporting two peer-run, prison-based community centers. She is the founder of Books Behind Bars, a prison-based literacy program, for which she received a Russell Berrie Award for Making a Difference in 2008 and the Rutgers College Class of ’62 Presidential Public Service Award in 2015.